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Forum Rules

- Rules and Guidelines for the Kagero Studios Forum -

1) Do not post large Images or Videos in the Shoutbox.

2) Obscene content in one's Signature or Avatar will not be tolerated.

3) The recommended limit for Signature size is 550x200 pixels. If your Signature is larger than this, it is encouraged that you put it in a Spoiler tag.

4) Spamming outside of the Spam and Eggs Zone is discouraged.

5) Flaming is not tolerated anywhere on this Forum.

6) Do not harass other Members via Post, PM or the Shoutbox. Members who are being harassed are encouraged to Report it to a Moderator or Entity.

7) Listen to and respect the Moderators and Entities. We work hard to provide you with a nice place to chat. :3

8) Do not distribute or Link to pirated software or illegal content on this Forum. Discussion of these subjects is acceptable as long as there are no Links involved.

9) Do not Double Post outside of the Spam and Eggs Zone. The Edit button exists for a reason.

10) You may only Bump a Thread you have created if it has been inactive for 15 days and if you have new content. Note that Threads in the Your Projects section may be Bumped at any time with the addition of new content.

- Bannable Offenses -

1) Repeatedly breaking any Rule listed above or elsewhere on the Forum in spite of Warnings from Moderators or Entities. This also extends to violating a Rule on a large enough scale.

2) Joining the Forum solely to cause mischief and break our Rules.

3) Threatening the security of Kagero Studios, the Forum or any of its Members.

4) Posting Pornography or obscene content.

5) Distributing Viruses, Keyloggers, Trojans, Batteries or other forms of Malware intended to tamper with anyone else's Computer or Privacy.

6) Mass distribution of similar content amidst multiple Forums or Users without a valid reason.

7) Using the Forum as a means of intentionally scamming people.

8) Plagiarizing content in any form from another User or outside source and claiming it as your own.

9) Using another Account after being Banned. The Entities are the ones who decide if you deserve to remain Banned, not you.

10) Admitting to hacking or scamming Kagero Studios, the Forum or its Users.